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Let’s go Crabbing!

Our morning crabbing trip will be done with commercial style "Trotline" for the Maryland Blue Crab.

Come and enjoy a morning on the Chesapeake catching your own Maryland Blue Crab.

We start crabbing at 7am or earlier. No afternoon crabbing.

Legal start time is 1/2hour before sunrise to 5pm

All Equipment, baited line and crabbing license will be provided.

We will  layout a traditional Chesapeake Trot Line and  help dip your own crabs.


Family fun

Everyone gets involved with catching, from dipping the crabs off the trot line, culling or measuring the crabs. 

 You can keep your daily catch limit and take home your catch of the day for a Maryland crab feast. 


Lets catch some crabs

For a true taste of the Chesapeake come on aboard for a morning crabbing trip. 

Bring home Maryland Crab Feast that you caught.

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Experience Chesapeake Bay Crabbing onboard the Down Time

Catching or eating our Maryland Blue Crab is a family tradition for many Marylanders in the Chesapeake Bay region. 

Crabbing on the Chesapeake is an opportunity to catch your own Maryland crab feast.

Capt. Frank can help you bring home some of the best eating the Chesapeake has to offer.

It‘s a family tradition.

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