Crabbing on the Maryland Chesapeake Bay for Maryland Blue Crabs

Location Info - Annapolis
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Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay

for Maryland Blue Crabs

  • All Bait and Equipment provided

  • Help layout a traditional Chesapeake Trot Line

  • Dip your own with professional advise

  • Great family fun

  • Keep your catch limit of the day!

Maryland Blue Crabs

Bring the kids for a great day on the bay!

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Down Time Fishing Charters Sport fishing Charters in the Maryland Chesapeake Bay
with Capt. Frank J. Tuma
443-949-8030                              Boat) 443-995-8666
Chesapeake Crabbing Charters
June - October

Come on aboard and enjoy a Bue Crab Fishing trip.
Our morning crabbing will be done with commercial style "Trotline" for the Maryland Blue Crab and dipping your limit.
All Equipment, line, bait will be provided.
During the summer months we enjoy great bottom fishing for Perch, Spot, and Hardhead.
We can include local bottom fishing if time and energy permits.



Bring home a Chesapeake Bay Feast!

I will be offering the opportunity to get in on this great Chesapeake Bay tradition of catching the Maryland Blue Crab with Commercial Trot Line.


We crab with a  commercial trot line
chesapeake bay crab trot line

You Dip'em and You Cook'em


Maryland Crabbing Regulations

A trotline is nothing more than a long line, resting on the bottom and anchored at both ends, to which a series of baits are attached at intervals of about six feet. The baits are attached to the main line by simple slipknots or by shorter lines called dropper lines (known as trots or snoods.)

As you begin this age-old pursuit you will of course want to get the parlance right, so you don't seem too much like a ckicken-necker. Calling the dropper lines "snoods" will put you right up there with the old salts. Also, don't ever talk about "checking" your trotline or "taking a look at" your trotline. You always "run" a trotline. This makes sense because the word trotline comes from the old Germanic word "trotten," meaning "to tread, pace, or run." So when you "run" your trotline you are in keeping with the proper etymology of the sport.

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Puttin' our catch in the Steamer!

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Blue Crab (Hard)
Trotlines, Scrapes, Pots 4/1/2016 - 12/15/2016
Sun or Mon Off
See Special Conditions
5" - 4/1 - 7/14
 5 1/4" - 7/15 - 12/31 or greater
Female limits provided by public notice.
Harvest in Bay ends 12/15;
Harvest on Coast ends 10/31.

Trotline floats must be same size, shape and color.
Catch Times:
Trotlines and Scrapes: May - Sept: 1 hour before sunrise to 9 hours after sunrise
Trotlines: Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec: sunrise to 10 hours after sunrise
Scrapes: Apr. & Oct.: sunrise to 10 hours after sunrise
Pots: 1/2 hour before to 7 1/2 hours after sunrise
No minimum size for mature females.
No scrapes: Oct 31 - Apr 14.

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